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Harley Street Healthcare is a leader in the field of hair restoration. All of Our clinics are located in the UK's most exclusive and prestigious locations including Harley Street, London.

Harley Street Healthcare Reviews: Do they Appear Natural?

Both men and women have been losing their precious hair due to various reasons. A bald look only makes the person to feel ugly and aged. Many even feel embarrassed about it. Hence, a good number of people seek hair transplantation procedure. But one question that is commonly asked by some is will the end results be natural like imagined!

Reasons to consider 

According to the experts, natural looking hair transplant can be stated to be based upon different elements. It ranges from donor area quality to procedure quality. Hair transplants, generally are natural looking, since real human hair is used taken from the donor’s head areas and other body parts. High volume and real hair of donor implants does help derive that natural appearance.

Choosing a good surgeon and clinic 

To derive thebest results, it is of utmost importance to choose the top surgeon and clinic in the region. The outcome is mostly determined by the surgeon’s skill and procedure quality. HarleyStreet Healthcare Reviews clearly show satisfactory results enjoyed by patients. This is in itself, more than sufficient for those wanting to ensure making a wise selection.

Assembling effective donor area 

The qualified surgeon will determine if the donor location will be of sufficient quality or not. You will also receive valuable information concerning the expected results during your appointment. Do remember to ask vital questions on realistic objectives as well as what you should expect about donor location health during the appointment. Also enquire on status of donor follicles’ and its predicted response towards transplantation.

Following Styling and Care 

On recovering from FUT or FUE hair transplant treatment, you need to take proper care of your hair health. To derive natural outcome, aftercare is very much critical. New hair is likely to be fragile than what you are already accustomed to. Hence, use appropriate products. Do avoid over-processing your hair. Organic styling products and mild shampoo should be favoured. It will also be gentler on your scalp region.

Does transplantation appear real? 

Harley Street Healthcare Review shows that after the procedure, hair appears natural. Merely grafting hair to bald area from donor region does not assure successful hair transplant. It appears real due to the number of grafts used. Grafts in large volumes do help provide that dense natural appearance.

Is hair transplant appearance noticeable? 

With time, hair plugs appear fairly apparent. Hair placement and hairline enhancements in thinning regions do contribute towards natural results. Such advancements may ensure natural results, such that your stylist or barber will not be able to make out the difference.

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Harley Street Healthcare has many branches in the UK. One of the finest hair loss clinic, Birmingham can be found in the heart of Birmingham’s Victoria Square. We provide the best hair restoration surgery according to your hair type whether it is curly and afro Caribbean hair type. 

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Harley Street Healthcare knows hair loss can affect your confidence and increase embarrassment. So we always use innovative approaches for hair transplantation. We are the best hair loss clinic London. Our professional surgeons always ensure you to back a good-looking set of hairs.

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Harley Street Healthcare provide world-class services in the UK,  If you are losing your hair and need hair transplantation then our specialized surgeons will give you a free consultation. Our surgeons for hair transplant surgery London are experts in every transplantation method and for all types of hair